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Galapagos Diving #1 in 2009 Readers Choice Survey

Galapagos Abundance

Galapagos Abundance

Once again, diving in the Galapagos was  declared #1 in 3 different categories in Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2009 annual Readers Choice Survey.

Divers the globe over chose the Galapagos:

#1 in the Pacific for Marine Life
#1 in the Pacific for Health of Marine Environment
#1 in the Pacific for Overall Diving

“What makes the Galapagos a winner for overall diving? Its underwater encounters and unique biodiversity. The Galapagos is home to several dozen endemic species both on land and under water. These islands are volcanic in origin, making them the perfect home full of nutrients and flowing water for sea life and underwater mammals. Don’t be surprised to run into a pod of playing sea lions, green sea turtles or, on the more extreme side, a shark encounter including the biggest in the ocean: the gentle whale shark. These waters aren’t for the beginner diver, so take caution.
Whale sharks, a pod of dolphins, sea lions, a school of hammerheads, a large Galapagos shark, green sea turtles, hundreds of almaco jacks, blue jacks, bacalao, a school of leather bass, Pacific dog snappers, masses of bluestriped chub, yellowfin tuna and blue runners. A lifetime of sightings? Nope. A week’s worth? Try again. How about a single dive? Such is life at many of the dive sites in the Galapagos archipelago.

The conditions can be iffy: The water can be cool and murky, the currents and surge can be unpredictable. But one thing’s for sure: This is truly one of the most exciting advanced dive destinations in the world.”

Source: Scuba Diving Magazine

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