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Galapagos Airport – 1st green terminal in the world

baltra_newairportUsing solar energy, water reuse, passive cooling thanks to intentional placement to best capture ocean breezes and even reclaimed materials from the old terminal, the new terminal on Baltra Island in Galapagos.. It is the first, and for now only, LEED’s certified green air terminal on the planet.

The builders say that green building aims to achieve greater environmental quality with minimal energy dependence, based on the implementation of bioclimatic strategies of natural conditioning and the use of renewable energies. For example, the new terminal, which is only used during the daytime, has light colors on certain walls and large windows to let in natural light and help facilitate the natural ventilation of the enclosure. In the few areas where natural breeze is not possible, buried air ducts are used with forced ventilation.

The new building is located in the direction of the prevailing winds to get a “full” breeze which will lower the average temperature without air conditioning and will allow greater control to regulate the amount of sunlight. The location of the terminal prevents exhaust and fumes from aircraft from entering the building in addition to reducing the noise heard by passengers.

The airport is on the island of Baltra, which has no fresh water sources and where rainwater is limited. A desalination plant will supply water to the terminal, where it is used in washing. Grey baltra_newairportwater will be recycled.

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