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RIP Lonesome George

What a sad day it was…Lonesome George died on 24 June 2012. As interesting as a visit to the Darwin Station is, knowing I was looking at the most rare creature on the planet made it all the more special, the very last Pinta tortoise. There was only 1 of his sub-species and now, that sub-species (Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni) is extinct, another reminder of man’s indifference to anything other than his own short sighted wants/needs. I got to see him. My son got to see him, but he will never get to share Lonesome George with his children. And so it goes with all too many things when man is reckless.

Below are links to coverage of Lonesome George’s passing. I especially appreciated Time Magazine’s coverage which lists other species on the brink of extinction. I wish I could say I felt Lonesome George’s passing would inspire more help for the survival of other endangered species, but economy, markets, elections and politics, no matter how small or petty the story, seems to merit more media coverage than something such as the extinction of a species. Still, like other sad passings, he could inspire others not to be taken for granted. lonesomegeorge

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