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Shore Snorkeling Isabela – Part 2

Rent a bike, pack a lunch or snacks and beverages, grab a towel and head south beside the ocean inside the National Park.  The area is pristine, the sea is stunning and you can easily find beach spots where it will be just you and the marine iguanas.  (ps…you can also hire a taxi to take you and hope he’ll actually return when he says he will).  Down here is my favorite spot to snorkel from shore in Isabela.   But shhh…it’s been relatively secret and it would be a shame to have folks showing up there as it’s so much better when you have it all to yourself.  The following images/maps will show you where.  Descriptions below each image.


Above is a visual reference of how far the site is from town.  See those gorgeous beaches!  The crescent beach is larger than the entire beach area in front of town.


Just after the beaches, there is a lava tube that goes out into the ocean. This is a path to the ‘Sendero’. You can go down into this (can have mosquitos) or walk out onto this to see the iguanas sunning. On the leeward side, you can sometimes see them eating in the water while snorkeling from here. The lava tub acts as a barrier wall to create the nice calm bay that is so shallow.


Continuing on the Park road past the lava tube into the sea, you cross a bridge through shady mangrove and the road is immediately next to the water, with virtually no shoulder. It is literally a small climb of only 10 feet or so down to the water…and not a steep climb, an easy one. I snorkel here. There are lots of marine iguanas on
the lava rock that lines the shore by the road. Snorkel out maybe 30 feet and there is a bed of seaweed where you can usually find the enormous sea turtles sleeping or eating. In this area, you can also find sea lions, tropical fish and I’ve seen the small schools of half-beaks at the surface here.  Beautiful site above and below the water!

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  1. I love all your articles. Thanks for sharing these beautiful sites. Let’s keep them that way. PS: I really want to dive with you ASAP. I am in Isabela at Casa Rosada. My cell is broken though so I will try to come to your shop. Where is it please? Thanks.

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