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Shore Snorkeling on Isla Isabela

In addition to the many reasons I love Isla Isabela, you can also go snorkeling on your own. Below are maps for you to peruse of my 2 favorite sites to snorkel from shore and why.


Pay attention when you arrive into Isabela. Just as you are leaving the dock area, you’ll see a path that disappears into the mangrove with a large sign that read CONCHA DE PERLA. Below each image is my description.


(1) Dock where you arrive to Isabela. Just beyond the dock, there is a large sign by mangroves that says (2) “Concha de Perla” . Follow the lovely wooden walk through the mangroves which ends on a dock on the round ‘pozo’ of water. That’s Concha de Perla. I’ve never had anything stolen off that dock, but I would not take money or valuables.


Almost everyone just snorkels in the round area, however, I like to cross over into the inlet as under what I have labeled as 2 snorkel, there are usually turtles being cleaned by fish there. I have literally seen huge turtles there reared up on the sandy bottom like dogs begging to provide better access for cleaning.


The xxx is a very shallow area at low tide with exposed lava rock. So take your booties or plan on removing one fin to step on as these rocks are jagged. It is only about 6-8 feet. When the tide is a bit higher, you can snorkel over this area. Snorkeling is, however, always better at low tide. Once on the other side of the rocks, stand up to see where to snorkel over the sand. There are some lava rocks there under the water. Follow the sand around to the inlet and you can see where the turtle cleaning station usually is.

South of Puerto Villamil and inside the National Park is my favorite snorkel site in the area.  Click here to see maps of where that is.

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