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Stop Shark Finning

YearofsharkUnless you’re paying attention, you probably don’t realize how very many organizations and groups and websites and Facebook pages (search ’sharks’ at FB – 8,800 results) all exist with the same goal…to put an end to the horrific slaughter of sharks before it’s too late.

I have to agree with what I’m reading online…2009 was the year of shark awareness, but 2010 is going to be the year of shark action.  While there was progress made globally, it’s a mere pittance of what needs to happen to save sharks from extinction.

A great place to start is http://stopsharkfinning.net. On this site, you will find primarily anti-shark finning campaigns you get can involved with,  lists of restaurants that serve shark fin soup, encouraging success stories…how individual and groups have made a difference towards the end of this slaughter and  the site has such a great collection of links that I  don’t have to recreate them all right here.

We at Dive The Galapagos are big believers in keeping it local.  Our first step has been to get involved with the Galapagos canine unit, so far,  supported only by Sea Shepherd and us.  These dogs are trained to sniff out shark fins, sea cucumbers, sea horses and more.   The island where shark finning is still happening in the Galapagos is primarily Isabela.  The National Police were able to put 3 dogs on Isabela as of October.  The dogs receive death threats there.  We have more plans for actions in the Galapagos that we will announe as the year unfolds.

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